L. Veldhuis - SCOOP-21-H: $2,100 NL Hold'em [$1M Gtd] - Level I (25/50)
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CONTINUED FROM BELOW........Its an easy fold for Lex and he walks away with a very playable stack of 80BB.
Well played hand from start to finish by Lex. AA good most of the time on flop and turn as opponent has done little to suggest otherwise. It would be wrong to presume opponent has the 8 or a full house as their button range is consistent with many hands that could find this flop favorable. These would consist of straight draws, a 7, pocket pairs up to QQ. They cannot have air because the float on the flop would be followed by a bluff raise on the turn but instead they call again. The river is not ideal as it completes a straight draw but betting for value is still the best play to get called by opponents 2 pair range. I t also avoids allowing the opponent to bluff the few draws that did miss such as 56 and any missed flush draws picked up on the turn. Unfortunately in this instance opponent moves all in and they were either trapping all along or made a straight on river. They assume Lex is committed offering him odds of 5 to 1 and fully expect to be called by his losing hand. Its an e
Wat een slechte bet op de river met een J. Je bent nog zo diep!
you have spent two-thirds of the money, why not called?
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