talonchick - $215 Sunday Million [$1M Gtd] - Level VIII (150/300)
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Great Play
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On the RIVER no bet, if call A or KK or QQ. River check behind of course
Zoltán Lėgrádi
I prove pokerstars is a fraud. You have to see those hands. Post them. https://www.boomplayer.com/u/PacoCuervoD
cant ever win on pokerstqrs...nothing but suckout badbeats tournament after tourney it never ends here
This is classic CHEATING PEOPLE!!! http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/21484922_6822F6AC82
Massive Degen
justen beber Why is this hand so popular? We dont even know what hand the other guy had. he put big amounts of chips in the pot even though he showed weakness the entire hand and then folded at the river. I'd put his range on KK, QQ, or 99 with a club. He showed weakness the whole hand either because he was fishing for a 4th club, or because of that excellent baby-sized Turn bet that really screamed "call me please".
Massive Degen
apolo1792 Bluff? value? Clearly a bluff. The 4bet represents a very strong non-ace hand as played like KK or QQ. I don't see him laying down AQ and obviously not AJ so it must be an underpair (KK, QQ, or 99) Can't put him on any other range but maybe I'm just bad. Fantastic bluff and I love the turn sizing that makes it look like he's luring him in for a small amount before he pulls the trigger on the Ri.
Sukses Sabana Ko'a
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Моё мнение так его ошибка в том что он поставил всего лишь 600 на префлопе ( как то не уверенно) с тузами так не играют. Талончик сразу понял что тузов там нет а мелкие пары он Обходит. потом плеер3 ставит около 3, талончик колирует вышел туз и тут он чекает этого говорит о том что нет флеша!!!! талончик же ставит и изображает что то типа фулхауса
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