KidPoker - Underhill VI - $100/$200 - Pot Limit Omaha
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hey kid i dont know if u read these or even bother with the poker comunity but i would really love the opportunity to have a chance at getting some feedback from yourself n mayb some of your friends. i know ur busy andprolly wont but doesnt hurt to try. Thx for ur time if u end up seeing this that is : ) Liked and Voted!!! pls chek this out id really apreciate the feedback
Just Daniel - winner forever :)
No, that was not great. That value does not exist. Great lead out on the turn but not a good push on the end I think. He has to call if player 6 were to shove one the river because he gets a great price but when the board texture changes that much, it renders a set very vulnerable. I also despise player 6's bet sizing on the flop. You can't be that creative in PLO IMO.
nice play Daniel!
great daniel!!!!
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