geoVARTA - Lilio III - $0.08/$0.16 - No Limit Texas Hold'em
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Great Play
Nice Bluff
Huge Pot
Bad Beat
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It was a good bluff it was obvious he wasn't holding an ace trip 2s unlikely so only hand to worry bout was trip 10s so defo ad a lot of fold equity I would put him on kqs or kjs maybe mid small pair
I'm posting this on my blog I'd be glad if you guys follow and drop some comments :)
bel bluff
wow thats a sick bluff! I almost did the exact same thing an hour ago: they guy took is whole timebank to think about it than folded. he had my heart racing quite a bit (even if it was micro it's still fun!)
it's plays like these that make your red line go up... and it's plays like these that keep me in the micros :p you have to find your spots against the right players I've learned to attempt bluffs like that! @peteee1, no not drunk play; I was on the best mental level of poker during that session when that hand occured. Less tables, more thinking!
drunk play i would say
just remember a player6 here that he go to a club at night is not, so he got scared and have saved $ 13!))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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