WizardOfAhhs - Pawona - $50/$100 - No Limit Texas Hold'em
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is it real money pot limit game?
good play
If you have a good heart and want to help plz transfer $0.01 - 0,5. I 'm trying to find a job, doctors diagnosed cancer to my intestine, I cannot pay the rent, my father is dead ,my mother cannot help me as she is disabled , I have none in the world . I beg you , please help and GOD will not forget you. I wish you health ,money and whatever you want to you and your family. May you run good at poker tables for ever. Thank you very much. My ID is: 3722BMZ
Carlos Medina
If you have a good heart and want to help a new optimistic player, plz transfer me $2, I intend to start my carrer playing S&G 45 0,25$, thanks for the attention and patience! :) id 16medi
2k chacun, P1 raise 2BB 200 et le pro 3bet 1366 et P1 call pour fold vs les 634 allin flop.. it's horrible, il devait boiter ou fold mais call ce gros 3bet pour fold C NUL.. peut être avait il une paire < QQ s'il n'a rien sur ce flop very bad play
Не внятная игра игрока 1 . Если с таким стеком коллируеш такой рейз то следующий ход должен быть в ва-банк
quel intéret de montrer cette main
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