Liv Boeree - WCOOP-24: $215 NL Hold'em [4-Max], $350K Guaranteed - Level XXV (2000/4000)
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Great Play
Nice Bluff
Huge Pot
Bad Beat
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If you have a good heart and want to help plz transfer $0.01 - 0,5. I 'm trying to find a job, doctors diagnosed cancer to my intestine, I cannot pay the rent, my father is dead ,my mother cannot help me as she is disabled , I have none in the world . I beg you , please help and GOD will not forget you. I wish you health ,money and whatever you want to you and your family. May you run good at poker tables for ever. Thank you very much. My ID is: 3722BMZ
Renato Yamaguchi
Greattttt play !!!
Help me guys Transfer me 2$ to my pokerstars account please. My account name is: scuxbr thank you very much.
Yyyyy i would deffinitly calling this, you represent everything on everything street. Its would work with better players.
Help me guys Transfer me 2$ to my pokerstars account please. My account name is: valutaineuro thank you very much. I don't forget you if I won million tournament!
Just wondering how generous people are feeling out there. Who is willing to transfer me $10 to my pokerstars account. My account name is: anubis1223 thank you very much.
Don Corleone P
My Royal Flush
Ezt úgy nevezik,hogy a sokzsetonos erőszakos játéka,a kevés zsetonos ellen ! Az esetek nagy %-n jól jövedelmező stratégia,a gond csak akkor van,amikor belefutunk egy nagyon erős kézbe ,akkor biztosan sokat veszíthetünk egy profi ellenfélnél,aki becselez és csak megadogat !
player 3 had KQ ,i think he was call at the river if wasnt come J, because he cannt beat board
hahahah WOW great bluff
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