KidPoker - WCOOP-23: $700 NL Hold'em, $1.5M Guaranteed - Level XXVI (4000/8000)
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I actually think my earlier analysis was flawed because a three-bet of a UTG min raise on the button, especially against a player like DN, could have been done a wide range of hands by somebody willing to bluff off half their stack to get a TPTK sort of hand to fold. That makes DN's line to just call the 40% bets on all three streets notable. However, had the op bet pot on the turn in the hope to stack DN by the river if he puts him on AK/KQ, then Daniel would have gone busto.
So sick
Especially if you had him on AA feels stupid in that instance to check-raise to 100K, and than not putting any more money into the pot if he calls or re-raises, but then there's enough money in the pot by the turn to commit your stack so if he has better than aces up, you're toast. So your line of check-calling is probably best...especially if he's multi-barrelling.
This random putzer's observations: I have no idea how you didn't manage to go broke on (1) a ragged rainbow flop and (2) when you hit trips on the turn given your op's betting pattern to resist check-raising which of course would have committed you to the hand to call a shove. I'd guess that Player 1's three-bet of 2.5x your min-raise with 4's and your flat-call of that likely saved your stack, if he just calls on the button, it's much harder to eliminate a flush draw on the turn or Kx in his range, but it would have been harder for him to build a pot where you lose more than 200k.
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