KidPoker - WCOOP-23: $700 NL Hold'em, $1.5M Guaranteed - Level XXVI (4000/8000)
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Pocket pair most powerfull weapon
all in business
un re raise de negreanu y se acaba la mano antes del flop.... porque no soy team pro!!!!! : )
total novice comment, but have been stung so many times on a AK/AQ/AQ hand thinking I was king d*ck, just to be left wondering if I am the unluckiest bloke ever not to have won the hand to a lesser hold... thanks for showing it's not just me. Gutsy move on the 4,4 though!
Daniël got greedy preflop thats where it went wrong... If he opens min he should also make the 4 bet imo representing QQ, KK or AA and take the pot preflop specially when this guy is on the button. I like the 40K 3 bet from player cause he can take the pot right there or postflop vs AK AQ KQ KJ or suited K10 QJ Q10 J10 kinda hands Daniel would probly open min with :) + knowing if he gets a call from this range and hits his set wonders can happen like it did! :D
I think you played it well by not shaving all-in on the turn or river It also come's down to what kind of player he is, A tight player wont try to bluff you when your calling the flop then a nother king come's and you call again he must be very strong to bet big knowing you raise preflop you having 3 of the 4 king make's it unlikely he has 1 so for him to bet big he has to have a full.
I think it was a bad call on the river, you have 3 king's so its unlikly your opponent has a king. And he has put you on a king so for him to stil raise you he must have a full nothing else.
nice play
Very well played by Daniel. Maby player 1 could show some weakness by checking at one street. Than he will make Daniel think. Daniel can't put his opponent at 777 or 444 when his opponent re-raises pré flop unless they had some history.
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