ElkY PS.FR - Victoria V - €2/€4 - No Limit Texas Hold'em
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Spin&Go Supervised Bot
nice hand!
lol at a 7-year downswong. Maybe you need to do a couple of hand histories review sessions my friend.
Wander Mion
What a god damn [censored]ing stupid hand! Watch MY Boom! and see how I get [censored]ed over [censored]stantly by Stars! This hand, you got paid way too [censored]ing much, ElkY! Because your opponent was a MORON!!!!
Proof of the fraud! Just see those hands! https://www.boomplayer.com/u/PacoCuervoD
Massive Degen
Neutron42: lol at a 7-year downswong. Maybe you need to do a couple of hand histories review sessions my friend. I suspect you may have some serious leaks in your game haha. Maybe I'm just the luckiest player in the world, but I'm 3.5BB/100 at 1/2 6 max NLHE over 4.5M hands. You know what? You probably just need to move up stakes to where they respect your raises. That's what worked for me.
Sukses Sabana Ko'a
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