talonchick - The Hot $44 [Turbo], $25K Gtd - Level XXVIII (4000/8000)
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p2 the good!
https://www.boomplayer.com/22979011_674CF20060 BOMBA
Sorry in advance. And for my English. It has long been seen that here asking for money, I think there sympathetic people. It came the day when, in despair, and I have to ask. So bad in my soul. Please help with money, getting $ 100 if you're lucky, I'll write here. I no longer need. Lost in the amount of 2 months $ 1000 + .. I'm a fool, what else to say. My nickname Maksickk
Guys I am in really bad situation right now, I lost my job and the only thing I have left is poker.. I am looking for a job but in the meantime i need to make some cash of poker to pay my rent.. Please if there are some generous people out there help me with $5 to my poker account so I can have a chance to pay my rent! My account is: dimon77753 Thanks!!!!
Opponent all in and flops the nuts, BY A MIRACLE is out done on the turn. Imagine how sick this hand would have been if he had a 10 of DIAMONDS ;) 10JQKA (Straight) VS Quad Jacks. http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/10990955_0833B1AE1D
Three players all in and YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT...............what are the odds? http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/10905257_EB77713E8C
this Broad is a MEDIOCRE Player at BEST wtf are they always Featuring her ??? She Must have a relative on staff or blowing the right person ??? just a guess
the best most awesome hand in poker history i dont know the probabilities but never i play or see one hand like this or one of the most incredible really! i think is more strong this hand that hit jackpot. I would like someone to tell me the odds of something happening so thanks spanish now la mano mas increible que jugué y que ví en la historia de poker hold em no limit algo realmente increible me gustaria que alguien me diga las probabilidades de que se produzca una mano [censored] gracias http://www.boomplayer.com/poker-hands/Boom/3605866_BDABAE0F4D
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