Neutron42 - Luna - $0.02/$0.05 - No Limit Texas Hold'em
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Great Play
Nice Bluff
Huge Pot
Bad Beat
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See you F U K I N G R I P O FF K U N T S .. I KNEW AND TOLD YOU THE SETUPS were coming and CHECK THIS OUT YOU F U K I N G D O G S...NO WAY CAN YOU [censored]VINCE EVEN YOUR DUMBEST CUSTOMER this is just VARIANCE ... .. We could care less you're too cheap and money hungry to apply for an Aussie licence and we hope you never do because there will be an HONEST aussie site that will S H I T all over your ABSOLUTE CROOKED B U L L S H I T software .. so enjoy your miserable profit youll be getting from here until you shut down in September when we can say GOOD RIDDANCE you F U K I N G THIEVES...we live in hope that one day your SCAM will be revealed and DOWN you go . . . and by god if there's any justice in this world you will.........
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