acoimbra - $11+R NL Hold'em [Action Hour, $10K Gtd] - Level XXI (800/1600)
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That is pretty normal for Pokerstars... Worst starting hand wins 90% of the time after the river hits. If you want to see my HUGE SLEW of terrible beats like this, search PokerAddictz in the search field at the top of the page, and fasten your seat belt... LOL
I hate these players who go all in with anything...F.....g luckers
it is not an easy fold, only 2 hands have him dominated- aces and kings. he is slightly behind all pairs but the fact it is suited gives him more reason to call and he is way ahead of all non- pair hands. the other guy could easily have been tiliting so Andre thought that he would be shoving ace rag type hands and be around a 75% favourite. if you wouldn't be willing to put yourself in with a 75% chance of doubling up your chips late on in a tournament then you are losing massive value.
why u callin in this situaation? i think wining this pot Andre is not givinh u 1 place-- bad idea- doest matter which hand u have- even u know his range- anyway u have to fold-if u want to win money- U forget about LUCK of players- EASY FOLD)
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