acoimbra - $5.10 NL Hold'em [Hyper-Turbo, $5K Gtd] - Level XIX (3000/6000)
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Vasco Batista
foda-se andre essas são fod~dasi
That is pretty normal for Pokerstars... Worst starting hand wins 90% of the time after the river hits. If you want to see my HUGE SLEW of terrible beats like this, search PokerAddictz in the search field at the top of the page, and fasten your seat belt... LOL
What a bad beat. AA shouldn't play here? Why not? The best Hand Preflop and the Board can hit 1, 2 or 10 Player ... Is a bad beat. Why he shouldn't call that All-In's? 88 shouldn't go all-in here, K6s did a good call (the blinds kill him anyway and he try to survive), AA ist a good call (he had the best hand) and KJo is kill himself by calling 2 Big-Stack All-Ins :D That's a bad beat, 6% for a Set, 11% for a Flushdraw and unbelievable little odds for a straight ... AA ist here the best hand and the other guy has luck only ... You have to win in these Spots if you want to win a tournament - That's Poker!
AA got a very cool hand, but stop play all-in when u already got 2 players in pot and u know somebody will join to action who seat after you. vs 3+ players your AA [censored] without odds, to many times u lost all your stack like that... vs one player its cool , vs two - who can seat with AK and block your three of a kind. You keep losing in tourney and post this hand at boom player? sorry for high agressive print but I follow your blog and I dont wanna write msg like - gogogo dude , u so cool etc. Keep focusing on final table not a present moment
omw so unlucky...eish dont know wht to say.. :o
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