nanonoko - Ampella V - $3/$6 - No Limit Texas Hold'em
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OMG Le quarré a dû rager !!
so unreal...did you pee your pants after this?
can someone please transfer me $1 for a couple of spin and go's. Payday isn't until Friday. Promise I'll pay you back,, mgreen952
oh my
wowwwwwwwwwww.....scubbbbbbbbzzzz holy lord god, GET A JOB
fuertzaaaa n[censored]noko
I prove pokerstars is a fraud. You have to see those hands. Post them.
Drewski West
I have no idea what made you keep calling with THAT MUCH money at pokerstars... I'm assuming this is at least 1-2 hrs deep into the table setting so you know how the guy plays but.. typical pokerstars flopping the guy a set with pocket 4's only to give you a flush draw, a gutshot AND a straight flush draw... not only did he hit quads on the river but that gave you the straight flush. honestly, i have no idea why you would even call $16 Preflop with 5/7 suited in that position. every time i have ever played 5/7 suited i have lost. also, i see a lot of people asking for hand outs on here. is this common? do people actually send money to these players? since i'm in NC, USA i can't play cash on pokerstars. so if any of you play on ACR (Americas Cardroom) and you seriously don't mind, I play MTT (mostly 6max $0.01/$0.02 table) and if people seriously do donate from reading comments on here... By all means, I'd appreciate $5-$10 tops (with full return if desired) my ACR name is "WH
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