Liv Boeree - $109+R Sunday Rebuy [$225K Gtd] - Level V (60/120)
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It even happens to the best of them!
That's me, in the good days, flopping QUADS. Unfortunately, I ran out of luck..So I could use a lil donation.. Even a cent.. I'm serious. :( nick: LaliLevy
SET OVER SET OVER SET ON THE FLOP SICK !!!!!!!! BlokuJr3 support me on pokerstars if u like to
Sorry in advance. And for my English. It has long been seen that here asking for money, I think there sympathetic people. It came the day when, in despair, and I have to ask. So bad in my soul. Please help with money, getting $ 100 if you're lucky, I'll write here. I no longer need. Lost in the amount of 2 months $ 1000 + .. I'm a fool, what else to say. My nickname Maksickk
Im I missing something in this hand... Did Liv 3 bet that big so if she gets 4 bet she will call.When she c/r shes sorta putting her hand face up IMO, what are you hoping to get called with AK/AQ?? AJ IMO is the obly hand i would think would look it up. But im still learning
Help me guys Transfer me 2$ to my pokerstars account please. My account name is: scuxbr thank you very much.
just wondering how generous people are here maybe someone can suck my [censored] please
Жалко,что так получилось....
[censored] game
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