innerpsy - Lambda Velorum - $2.50/$5 - No Limit Texas Hold'em
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Royal Flush on flop
you gotta love it when hands like these turn up it gives everyone a good laugh didn't know what to vote it as though maybe a new selection called quite simply 'NO WAY DUDE'
limper c'st un peu fish en nl400
Beautiful. Love the look of such distribution. Just wondering how generous people are feeling out there. Who is willing to transfer me $1 to my pokerstars account. My account name is: vikby83 Much appreciated thank you!!
Help me guys Transfer me 2$ to my pokerstars account please. My account name is: valutaineuro thank you very much. I don't forget you if I won million tournament!
If you can transfer $10 to my pokerstars account, I will be very glad. The account name is: SimpleChance Thanks!
arriesgado pero valio la pena, para mi el oponente tendria que haber precionado mas...
Lavochnick full house against a Royal flush
People hello. Please help me , I'm from Russia , and now we have a difficult financial situation . Enough money for food and baby clothes to buy , but really want to play poker.pleez put 10 dollars , my nickname on Poker Stars - Svet_V_Okne. thank you very much
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