BryanHuang - The Hot $109 [Turbo, $10K Gtd] - Level VIII (60/120)
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Great Play
Nice Bluff
Huge Pot
Bad Beat
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nice reaver!!!
If you have a good heart and want to help a new optimistic player, plz transfer me $2, I intend to start my carrer playing S&G 45 0,25$, thanks for the attention and patience! :) id 81fenade
Nice bluff I think he want to rep 3 of kind sixes or a 2 pair with his QQ it's a good move With a call he is far behead against a lower pair in this situation in a Turbo I dont put him on a A6s or A6o so it has to be Ax with a middel kicker or suited/offsuited gapper hand,luck river for him great play with QQ .
PStars finest river cards
Maybe that preflop raise woulded been bigger, after the flop the hand plays by itself, lady luck didn't smile at you. A hurtfull hand
Sorry in advance. And for my English. It has long been seen that here asking for money, I think there sympathetic people. It came the day when, in despair, and I have to ask. So bad in my soul. Please help with money, getting $ 100 if you're lucky, I'll write here. I no longer need. Lost in the amount of 2 months $ 1000 + .. I'm a fool, what else to say. My nickname Maksickk
Guys, please help me financially, who can, really want to play for money, I would be very grateful my nickname on PokerStars: yagodkina86
bad beat..
ma-ta bot
Look my hand ,flew to the money screen :
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