Observer - FR High Roller - Level XXIV  (3000/6000)
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Great Play
Nice Bluff
Huge Pot
Bad Beat



Ignàc Pàl
Goov live
Carlos Medina
If you have a good heart and want to help a new optimistic player, plz transfer me $2, I intend to start my carrer playing S&G 45 0,25$, thanks for the attention and patience! :)
id 16medi
Alcides Juarez
friends in Venezuela is super hard to get dollars for an average person but I love poker if you want to help me with a dollar or even pennies are welcome in advance thank you very much nick Alcides03
Sorry in advance. And for my English. It has long been seen that here asking for money, I think there sympathetic people. It came the day when, in despair, and I have to ask. So bad in my soul. Please help with money, getting $ 100 if you're lucky, I'll write here. I no longer need. Lost in the amount of 2 months $ 1000 + .. I'm a fool, what else to say. My nickname Maksickk
Kinolub Hd
Do a good deed today!!! Send in the name drakonspn some money and tomorrow you will be Lucky!!!
I Would Clean Player 1 & 2 Clock Neither Can beat Me On J-O-K-E-R Stars I've Beat Them Both Before Look Me Up if You Dont Believe Me !!!!! just saying
A-7 Player1 Just Another Lucky Donkey Typical on J-O-K-E-R Stars !!!!! just saying
Look my hand ,flew to the money screen :
le call d'une vie
I want to start my career with real money , but I do not have money if they can help me thank you very much on behalf of PokerStars is Eduzorna
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