Observer - FR High Roller - Level XXIV  (3000/6000)
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Great Play
Nice Bluff
Huge Pot
Bad Beat



Julen Zubiaur
Help me guys
Transfer me 2$ to my pokerstars account please.

My account name is: julen1487

thank you very much.
Just wondering how generous people are feeling out there.

Who is willing to transfer me $5 to my pokerstars account.

My account name is: Pirati666

Much appreciated thnakyou!!
I've been reading and I also to players that beg 4 money do you have any decency I've given 100s out over my time ....mostly when I play some one at a final table ect and they get a raw deal I'll slip em a bob or 2 but getting on here and posting WTF. time 2 give up aye if you can't afford it don't do it I hadn't played for 2 years as in gave it a break...come van onlu 2 months ago and atm I'm not exactly up but I'm far from broke my up is 200% of my deposit....back to the beggers ...go to the city ...beg for the day but tell them it's for your pokerstars account see how you go OR play some freerolls and win there are plenty out there a d if both your til tank pokerstars are linker use you brain...or what's left. begging I'm not being nasty aye it's just not on AT ALL. The original johnnyswank
I correct that last the k was the kicker ...split
That was just lucky he hit the 7.if nothing come up as in no1 hit the the q would have had as it's the higher kicker. .....He just lucked that..It was a donks play I say
Nice hand A-7 vs A-q
Nice hand A-7 vs A-q
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I lost my bankroll, anyone can help me, no matter how much money I could use right now. Thank you for your help in advance. Pokerstars ID: juniorcsavo
MEC75 very similar!! why call?
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