Observer - FR High Roller - Level XXIV  (3000/6000)
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Great Play
Nice Bluff
Huge Pot
Bad Beat



I correct that last the k was the kicker ...split
That was just lucky he hit the 7.if nothing come up as in no1 hit the the q would have had as it's the higher kicker. .....He just lucked that..It was a donks play I say
Nice hand A-7 vs A-q
Nice hand A-7 vs A-q
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MEC75 very similar!! why call?
MEC75 very similar!! why call?
eu1264 Royals
Permanent tooth pain is doing me crazy!
How I wish that it was a joke...forgive me, I have no idea how to solve this problem without the help of others
pokerstars name - Pjohn17
thank you guys, this good deed will come back to you
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